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First, I created an overview sheet that explained the concept to my students and included a graphic organizer for them to fill out to give them some accountability. I set up my classroom to have a circle of desks. It just made more logistical sense in my classroom.

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Set up the desks and then divide your class into two groups, one that stays sitting and one that rotates. Explain the concept to your kids. Again, I used a simple graphic organizer that I assigned to my kids through Google Classroom.

We have gone 1: After that, I gave them 1 minute to briefly record their thoughts on the organizer. Giving them specific time sections for conversing vs. I absolutely loved the way this turned out. As groups are working, I would walk around to make sure the information that is being gathered is not only correct but that it answers the questions that are provided to the students via the Dating Profile. It takes some careful planning to ensure that they groups rotate accordingly.

Frosty the Snowman Meets His Demise: An Analogy to Carbon Dating

As shown in the graphic, the 12 students sitting in a red circle area did not move during the Speed Dating activity. Students sitting in the green circle moved each time they were asked to rotate. By doing so, all 12 historical people will be showcased to all 24 students. To organize even further, students who remained seated always started the date first by introducing who they were, with their printed mask on.

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As students listened and rotated through the stations, they filled out their matrix highlighting what the historical person was most known for and the problems they sought to address. Each date lasted 6 minutes with roughly 3 minutes per person. At this point, they have met the 11 other historical people.

Now, they must decide which historical figure they would want to meet up with for a second date or meeting based on their dating profiles. This is a component on their Dating Matrix. Here, it is interesting to see why someone would or would not pick a person using the research their gathered.

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Students are expected to relate what they learned to historical evidence gathered. This activity was a great way to change things up in the classroom. My students were moving around, role playing, and what I love most of all is that they had the opportunity to work independently, work in pairs, in groups, and they were teaching their peers about the different muckrakers and reformers during the Progressive Era.

Speed Dating classroom version Procedures: The whole class divide into halves, sitting in two lines facing each other. Each student has to respond to their own partner only.

Using the "Speed Dating" Model to Enhance Student Learning

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